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SEPTEMBER 27, 2006

Popboys are hot and you can watch them all in High Definition (HD)!

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BOSTON - Have you heard of these pop star trying to fake drama hoping to get gossip and further their career? Ben Huller’s Popboys is a talent-seeking agency who recruits mainly young male pop singer. In despair of fame, these ambitious young pop signers, decided to perform in a sexually explicit production, eager to get more attention to their signing carrer. This “reality site” is obviously fake and staged, but we can still dream and pretend these Popboys are as hot as Justin Guarini the second-place finalist of the first season of American Idol (oups, did I just say that?). Enjoy the 4 videos and the trailer of Popboys Ryan – a wannabe rapper who speaks english as good as an Hungarian drunk goat. Oh well, we can still enjoy his hot body now can we?

High Definition (HD) quality really makes it worthwhile.

Ben Huller’s Popboys is shot with HD equipment which provides picture quality similar to 35 mm movies with sound quality similar to that of today’s compact disc. Although, because it would take a day or two to download uncompressed video, the site offers very well compressed HD quality videos inside the members area. For the price of $29.95 you can get access to 640×360 resolution videos.

- HD Quality Videos
- 640×360 Resolution
- $29.95 Monthly Membership
- Efficient Customer Support through PopAssistant

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Ryan takes Ben Huller in his Behind

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Ryan takes Ben Huller in his Behind

Popboys’ Members Area Review

These videos are edited at best. I hope that the few sample clips gives you a fair idea of the quality offered inside the members area of Popboys. Good angle shots and the models are into it. Ryan is a bit quiet, but seems quite pleased to take it in his behind. I found the site recently, and I immediately noticed it’s original hip design. The members area is very user-friendly, but is lacking content – imho. You will find Popboys’ content, but there are no add-on content. As today, there are 12 models who have their full-length HD video. They are splitted in part and available in AVI (divX) and WMV. You have the choice to download the entire video or in parts. One other great thing is that PopAssistant (their customer support page) have the codecs available to play the videos properly. The updates are done at weekly
intervals; which features a new model with their videos and photo set (not screen captures of the video, but an original photo set). Popboys content is exclusive; meaning that you will only find these particular videos on Ben Huller’s Popboys. I definetly recommend the site, but be advised of the limited content you will find for the price. I think that for the High Definition videos, it is worth it to spend $29.95 and watch these beautifully edited videos.

Ryan and ben Hip Style Sex

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Ryan and ben Hip Style Sex