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Oh yes! I swear, every day or so I always gets suprised by the new update on this site. The other day was sex outside in a residential area, other one was in the appartement next door, etc. But what makes it really nice is the High Resolution Videos (720x480) enough to cover almost all my screen LOL! A nice big cock of a nice guy is always good to see in a big screen let me tell you that!

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What is their story?

It's been a few days since Criss's had some pussy on his dick, but he really wants to get a nut off. What's a boy to do?

Meet up with Sebastian and tell him to suck your dick, that's what we say... and that's exactly what Criss does. Sebastian was minding his own business, reading a men's magazine, when Criss shows up and demands a blowjob.Sebastian prefers women, but doesn't mind helping a buddy out, especially this chiseled bodied, horse-hung young man.

Full story is available along with the full length video in high quality and resolution! Get it now, I'm sure you'll want to jerkoff on it later, trust me... I do it all the time (*'-')

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I have to say... this is a "preview" and the best part is yet to come! Over 40 models on this site, watch them all having anal sex with each other!