Vinny and Mateaus Exclusively on Broke Straight Boys

Heart-broken straight guys do each other instead!

They want to overcome their heartbreak by doing each other.

Broken-hearted straight guys do each other!

Vinny and Mateaus came from different locations of the world. Despite the distance, they were brought together by fate because they have the same problem to fix : Their hearts and pockets.

Mateaus recently broke up with his girlfriend and Vinny… well ; he wasn't a good boy lately. The other thing is, they're both financially broke too. So these guys are here to try to mend their broken hearts by doing each other and at the same time hope to earn some bucks. Let's hope that these guys go home with smiles on their faces.

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Mateaus here is really from Europe and Vinny came here from Brazil. Click on the link above to get them all right now!