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Wes is 21, and Casey is 21...
Both wanted to do a shoot and I explained to them that all they needed to do was jerk off next to each other and give me a good cum shoot. They both seemed to be down for doing the shoot and saw no problem doing it. Neither one had done this before so this would be a new experience. I had the guys start the shoot by taking off their shirts, and I had Wes take off his hat. They both agreed that they needed some porn in order to get off next to another dude. Taking off their pants when they got down to the underwear I had them stand up one at a time and show the camera their asses so that we could see. Then, both guys started to play with themselves inside their underwear. I would have to say that Wes had more of a jock type build and Casey had more of a twink type body. As we started to see them get hard, Casey had the hugest monster of a cock in his hand. He said that he wasn’t completely hard yet, but that he is 11 inches long, by 8.5 inches around. Wes was a little shocked by the size, and I had him reach over and touch it.

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