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Austin is back again for another shoot like I promised and he is looking forward to doing a shoot with a chick. I introduced him to Mandy one of our new female models and then I had her explain what helps to get her off. He explained that she liked to watch guys miss around and do things together while she touches herself and becomes wet. Austin was shocked! He just wanted a chance to touch and please her, and Mandy said that once she is satisfied that then he could touch her all she wants. Drew is here to be in the shoot and has already been with Mandy so he knows how things go.

Both Drew and Austin were ready to go so they could have their chance with Mandy. Starting with the shirts they came off and rather fast and revealed that the guys were in great shape. The pants were soon to follow, and the guys started to play with their dicks with their underwear on.

Drew really wants to fuck Mandy with his huge, monster of a cock and keeps looking at her to get turned on. Mandy gets turned on talking about their cum and what they want to do with it. Mandy tells Austin to lean over and suck Drew’s dick if he wants to be able to suck her pussy. He gives it some thought with some holding back before he leans over Drew and places his giant penis in his mouth. Starting slowly Austin starts to suck it and get use to the first dick that has ever been in his mouth. Drew voices his opinion that the only reason he is allowing any of this to go in is because he wants to fuck Mandy after this.

I had another surprise in store for them as well, and I explained that I had Sean going to be joining us for the shoot. He wanted another shoot and has a huge cock and that was the main reason I wanted him back. Sean took a seat in the middle of the boys on the couch, and I had Drew and Austin both undress him.

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