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Why you might ask? Well, they is a simple answer for that. These twinks do it for two reasons, for fun and for the excitement of knowing other people will be watching them.

How old are they? I'd give the blue shirt 18 and the other twink 19 years old since I don't exactly know how old they are lol.

About the site...
This site is all about hot young guys having sex. You'll find a total of 41 models all of hot 20 years old and younger. New hardcore video every week, when I say hardcore it means two twink fucking each other, not some 5 minutes blowjob or crap like that.There is also a Solo video added every week if you like solo videos. Both of these categories are a lot of videos already available and are updated every week. Like a particular model? Learn about him, read his bio, know what he likes and more!

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Real-american twinks...
Every models is from America, they are really something, gosh! I wish I could fuck them one by one sometimes haha. The videos are shot by the owner of the site, Bryan, which cares more than anything about his site. You can read his bios and read how he started this site here

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I won't throw a number here but there are A LOT of videos, and if you like pictures you'll be happy to know every video are a set of HIGH QUALITY pictures that comes with it!

Even if you ever get bored, you'll always have something to do or download because Bryan keeps adding new stuff on his site.

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You're not done yet! There are plenty more coming and if you think you saw the hottest and cutest twinks, think again because this site blown you away!

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