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Cameron Force & Dillon Samuels Exclusively on Eighteenboy

Cameron Force, a sexy twink you want to know everything about!

He'll capture you attention, he won't let you go! After all that a good thing isn't?

What can a twink like that do with other guys like him?

You're asking me? Wow! What could possibly, well find out in this video! You know that Cameron is making more and more videos these days on Eighteenboy? I'm only of the 5th page of 20 and I counted 5 video at least!

You're falling behind and what a better way to get to know Cameron Force than watch a video trailer (on the left) exclusively about him!

If you like what you see here, you'll like what's ahead of you! This comes from a long time member who is in love this this guy! I wish I could meet him don't you?

Download Cameron Force & Dillon Samuels Full Video Here

Cameron is on-demand a lot on Eighteenboy, no doubt that he is doing more and more videos week after week. Find out more about him inside the members area!